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Standard Deluxe Sneaker Clean (return shipping included)

Standard Deluxe Sneaker Clean (return shipping included)

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Areas Cleaned: Upper - Midsole - Undersole - Laces
Cleaning Time: 5-7 Days

This is the Standard Deluxe cleaning service, which tackles dirt and grime, reviving your sneakers so you can w’air them again.

Our team of technicians, with over 30 years combined experience cleaning footwear, will use all their techniques and equipment to deep clean your shoes, bringing them back to their best possible condition.

Please only select this service if you are looking to clean: Adidas Y3, Boss, Camper, Fred Perry, Jordans, Nike, Veja etc

See here for other applicable sneaker brands to our Standard Deluxe service.

Shipping Instructions:
Once your order has been processed, safely package up your shoes, including your order#, full name and return address inside the parcel, and ship them out to our Canary Wharf branch:

wair Sneaker Laundry, Unit 431
One Canada Square, 
Canary Wharf,
E14 5AB

We advise you to send your sneakers by a recorded delivery service. If you require any further help with shipping your shoes to us, view our Shipping Guide here, Or contact us at:  -  stating your order number within the subject line.

How it Works:

When your shoes arrive with us, a full diagnosis of their condition will be completed. We'll contact you with our findings, informing you of any pre-existing damage to your shoes, and the potential limitations. We may offer the option of upgrading your service to include restorations (Repaints, Restitching etc) if we feel it necessary to provide Near-New results.

Please respond to this email (separate to the order confirmed email) acknowledging our Diagnosis, or upgrading your service if you wish, from which point the cleaning process will begin!

Once complete, we will inform you that your shoes are ready, along with images of the final results. If, after the clean, any further issues hidden by the dirt/stains have been revealed. We will again offer the option of upgrading to a Restoration service.

When you have responded to this message, we will package up your shoes, and ship them back to you - free of charge!

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What service should I select for my specific type of shoes?

Shoes vary in materials, and often the more expensive they are, the more delicate and risk
prone the materials will be. We have therefore had to structure our pricing according to how long each service will take.

Each of our postal services have a list of applicable shoes on the product page, but for more detailed information, click here to view our full shoe categories.

How are shoes shipped to w'air Sneaker Laundry?

You need to ship your shoes into us at our Canary Wharf store:

w'air Sneaker Laundry, Unit 431
One Canada Square
Canary Wharf
E14 5AB   

Feel free to use any courier of your choosing, but please ensure that the shoes are safely packaged! We recommend an insured/registered service.

For further information, view our Shipping guide.

Will my shoes look brand new again?

We will always strive to produce like new results, and we often do, but this isn't always possible. Old dirt and stains may be hiding damage to the paint/material underneath and so would require a Restoration service to fix. We must be able to view the condition of your shoes in-person before we can give you a solid answer.

When should I expect my shoes back?

Once you have responded to our diagnosis, the cleaning process will take no longer than 7 days - this allows us to go over the shoe's multiple times, and ensure every possible stain is removed. But we are often faster than this!

When they're ready, you'll be notified, and once you respond we will ship them out for arrival within 48 hours - sometimes even the next day!

Will my shoes be safe during the Cleaning process?

Our team's combined experience of over 30 years working with shoes means that damage is almost unheard of. But accidents can happen. If that is the case - we will contact you as soon as possible, notifying you of any damage, along with how we'll fix it, and the issue will be resolved.

Will my shoes be safe during the Shipping process?

All our return shipments are insured up to the value of your shoes, via Royal Mail. Our liability insurance also covers any potential risks during transit from us back to you. We do not, however, accept responsibility for your shoes until they have reached our store, so please ensure that you package them up safely when shipping them out to us.

How do I upgrade my service if the w'air team have recommended additional work to my shoes?

Within our Diagnosis & Completion emails, you will receive links to the exact upgrades we have recommended. Simply click on the link, and process the upgrade through checkout, and we'll do the rest!