Sneaker Cleaning Services

Get your sneakers cleaned by a professional at our drop-in sneaker laundry at Westfield, London.

Open 7 days a week, we offer 3 types of sneaker cleaning. We also offer a full restoration service and the only Express Service in London.

Pop in and speak to our skilled team to discuss pricing and the service.

2 hours

Express Clean

Simple refresh of upper, dedicated stain removal. Same-day service.


standard sneaker cleaning service powered by w'air at Westfield Shepherds Bush

2 -5 Days

Standard Clean

Uppers, mid-sole and under-sole
refresh, dedicated stain removal.

From £60

Express Sneaker Cleaning Service powered by W'air at Westfield London

5-7 days

Premium Clean

All parts of the shoe cleaned (as
per Standard Clean) plus full upper
protection and full inner sanitisation

From £80

7-10 days

Full Restoration

We can fully refurbish your sneakers including cleaning, repainting, finishing and more.

Price dependent on the work.

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How long does it take to clean my sneakers?

Expect express cleans to take approximately 2 hours, but may take longer in busier periods.

Standard and professional cleans take up to 5 days depending on availability.

Premium cleans take up to 7 days depending on availability.

Please do let us know if you need your sneakers for a particular event or holiday and we will definitely attempt to work to your timescale.

Do I need to book an appointment?

Booking is not a necessity, but on busier days booking can guarantee priority over walk-in appointments.

What are the differences between your services?

  • Express – Outside of shoes are cleaned – Upper, Midsole and any visible dirt on laces cleaned. Light stain removal.

  • Standard – As above, plus inside, and sole cleaned, laces taken out and deep
    cleaned (or replaced if necessary), deeper clean and stain removal.

  • Premium – Shoes are cleaned 3 times over – Upper, midsole, laces, outsole, and
    inside the shoes are cleaned. Industrial cleaning equipment is used to ensure the best results are guaranteed. The inside of the shoe is fully sanitised, and any odours (if not too severe) will be removed. A few coats of shoe protector spray will be
    applied to finish off.

Can any stains be removed

Most fresh stains can be removed with no issues.

Certain stains such as oil/rust/mould may not be removable.

We are often able to distinguish what can and cannot be removed in person.

Whats the difference between an Express and Standard Clean?

Express cleans refresh your sneakers with a quick turnaround.

If you are wanting a deeper clean then select our standard clean. For stains, deeply ingrained dirt or luxury sneakers with a range of materials we would recommend a professional clean.

Our team will assess your sneakers at drop off and be able to guide you in your choice of clean.

Can you remove yellowing on a white sole?

Yes. If the soles are still intact, we can de-yellow the pair. The process takes 3-5 working days approximately, depending on how severe the yellowing is.

Do you do stitching or resewing?

Depending on where the fix is needed, we may be able to repair holes/tears in the fabric.

Can you clean suede sneakers?

Yes, we can clean suede shoes. Again, some stains can be harder to remove than others, therefore we really need to see the shoes in person to be able to judge.

Do you do sole swaps/replacements?

Depending on the pair, we can offer a sole swap. You would have to provide the donor sole for us to carry out the procedure.

Can you make shoes look brand new?

It all depends on the condition of the shoes brought to us. We remove all dirt and scuff marks where possible, but any areas of damage such as faded paint, rips, tears, and creases will remain and will require our Restoration service to repair.

(Remember that cleaning away dirt can often reveal damage, making it more

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    "Excellent and friendly service. Cleaned and renewed white leather Moncler sneakers on an express service while doing some shopping and they came up amazing! Fully recommend these guys for your next sneaker clean."


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    "Such an amazing service! It's fast and definitely worth the price. I was assisted by Ollie, and he did an exceptional job restoring my creps. He was not only efficient but also very friendly. I highly recommend this service if you're looking to refresh your shoes"


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    "My white trainers look brand new! I’m thrilled. Sam at the Westfield provided excellent service. He messaged when the shoes were ready. He is very polite and professional."