Sneaker Shipping Guide

The below lists out how we recommend you ship your shoes to us. 

We don’t currently offer an in-house collection/delivery service, so shoes must be shipped out via a third-party courier. We don’t accept liability of shoes whilst in transit to our store, so please ensure that your shoes are safely packaged, and correctly labelled with our delivery address – we recommend using a Tracked service.

Select a courier of your choice, we have listed our top suggestions beneath. These offer straight forward guides on how to ship out parcels and will take you through the process – they even offer the option for your shoes to be collected from the comfort of your own home – At no extra cost with Royal Mail!
Royal Mail:



Weigh your shoes to the best of your ability, typically they are no more than 2kg -2.5kg.

However, if you’re unsure and are not able to weigh them at home, search for your shoes online and the manufacturer will often provide the weight on their website.
Find a suitable box to package your shoes in, whatever you have that works. We recommend it be no larger than 45cm (L) x 35cm (W) x 16cm (H) for the most cost-effective option. Each of the couriers above provide further recommendations on their website. Place them in on their side, facing opposite directions, and pad any remaining space with packaging material – newspaper works. Carefully seal the box, ensuring it is taped up tightly, and place your label on the outside.
Ensure the correct address is attached on the postage label:

w'air Sneaker Laundry, Unit 431
One Canada Square, 
Canary Wharf,
E14 5AB                     

When packaging your shoes, please remember to include your assigned order number, found in our email, within the parcel (Full Name and Return Address help us massively, but aren't necessary).
If you need any further help with shipping your shoes to us, please don’t hesitate to contact us at:
Attach your order number to the email if you have already purchased the service.