Tanith Carey at the Daily Mail says...

Tanith Carey at the Daily Mail says...

VERDICT: After filling the tank with water and detergent, I lay a dirty T-shirt flat on the mat provided and put the nozzle as close to the fabric as possible. It feels like I am giving his top a mini jet-wash.

As well as deodorising, I try to blast a few stains. At first, it’s slow-going. But the secret seems to be getting the angle right — holding the nozzle at 45 degrees is better for making marks fade.

This ‘refresh’ setting moistens rather than soaks and, thankfully, the detergent doesn’t need rinsing. Ten minutes later, it’s air dry, less smelly but with a faint whiff remaining.

It could never replace my washing machine but I can see how it could lengthen time between washes and be useful for spot-stain removal. 7/10


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