how we're ruining our clothes & fabrics

how we're ruining our clothes & fabrics

The right outfit can make you feel unstoppable. But unfortunately, your clothing is actually fairly delicate.

There are all sorts of subtle ways that you could be damaging your clothes without even realising. Here are a few things you might be doing that are ruining your clothes:

- You're not sorting your laundry by dirtiness

- You're washing your t-shirts and jeans in hot water

- You hang your sweaters up in the closet

- You wipe stains instead of blotting

- You store your out-of-season clothes without cleaning them first

- You're using too much or the wrong kind of detergent

- You don't know what those symbols on clothing care labels mean

- You let your damp gym clothes sit around


There are some things that will always have to go in to the washing machine. For everything else #justwairit

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