how to clean white leather trainers

how to clean white leather trainers

White leather trainers are a wardrobe staple for everyone - simple, stylish and easy to wear. But we all know they won’t stay bright white for long and getting dirt, mud and general grime is unavoidable. Fear not, there are ways to get them back to bright in no time. 

With an estimated 95% of shoes ending up in landfill, it’s time we all did our bit for a more sustainable world, and learn how to love and care for our white trainers. So here are our quick tips for keeping your white sneakers box fresh.  


Remove Dried Dirt

Before anything doing anything else, lightly tap the trainers on a wall/floor to remove any loose dirt and mud. Then, with a dry soft-bristled brush (or old toothbrush) gently start to brush the body of the trainers. Mud stuck in the soles? No problem, use a butter knife to get into the treads and remove any stubborn mud.


Soak The Laces

A pair of clean laces will make a big difference, and lift the look of your trainers. Remove your laces from the trainers, it's much more effective to clean laces separately. Soak your laces in a bowl of warm cold water with 4 pumps of w’air detergent. Once soaked, rub the laces together in the palms of your hands until the laces begin to foam up. Fill the w’air device with water and detergent, and with the laces on a flat surface holding the wand 5cm away from the laces to allow the solution to soak into the fabric. Then fill the w’air device with just cold water, and use the wand to rinse off any excess solution. Leave them to dry completely before putting them back into your trainers. 


Gently Clean The Leather

Don’t put your leather trainers into a washing machine. Not only will this damage your machine, but your trainers won't last for long either. Instead, use your w’air device to revive them. 

Just add 4 pumps of the w’air detergent to the w’air tank with cold water. Once switched on, hover the w’air wand about 15 cm away from the white trainer and move in small circular motions starting with the uppers and working your way down to the midsole. For more stubborn stains and dirt, hold the w’air directly on the leather as the pressure will help to remove the dirt. If needed, use your sneaker cleaning brush to remove any loose dirt, and then keep repeating the steps until all is clean. Finally, finish with a microfiber cloth to dry the leather. 

Wash The Insoles

Don’t forget the insoles. Use a w’air device to effectively deep clean and deodorise your insoles and leave them to dry before reinserting them. 


Checkout the w'air device here, and more sneaker cleaning tips here

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