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5 ways to stop your sneakers smelling

Does your favourite pair of trainers smell less fresh than usual? No one likes smelly sneakers, and they can stink up a room, locker or car fast! 

Even with the best foot hygiene in the world, your shoes may still smell thanks to your feet containing more sweat glands per square inch than anywhere else on your body. Sweat doesn’t actually smell, but bacteria do, and your warm, damp shoes are the perfect breeding ground. This bacteria isn’t harmful but will leave that lingering tell-tale odour.  

With an estimated 95% of footwear ending up in landfills, here are 5 quick tips to help ensure your sneakers are smelling and looking box-fresh in no time… 

  • Wear Socks
  • Socks absorb sweat and moisture helping to keep your shoes odour-free. We would recommend wearing a breathable, sweat-absorbing pair of cotton socks. Only ever wear a pair of socks once between washing, and change out of your socks and shoes straight after working out. 

  • Good Foot Hygiene
  • Keep that bacteria in check by taking extra care when cleaning your feet. Apply a cleanser between each toe and rinse and dry thoroughly. Any moisture left on your feet can encourage bacterial growth. It’s also good to let your feet breathe when you can by going shoeless and sockless. 

  • Baking Soda
  • Liberally sprinkle baking soda into your sneakers and let them sit overnight to help deodorize. Remove the excess powder in the morning before you slip them back on. 

  • Sunshine
  • Almost everything improves after spending time in the sun including the smell of your sneakers. Just a few hours in direct sunlight can help dry out any excess moisture after wearing, therefore reducing the bacteria and odour. Try this straight after a run. 

  • Wash The Insoles
  • Do not wash your sneakers or insoles in a washing machine. This will not only damage your sneakers and the machine, but it's also incredibly damaging to the environment. Instead, use a w’air device to effectively deep clean and deodorise your insoles and sneakers. Just leave them to dry before wearing them. Watch how here.

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